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Self-Directed Learning for Summers - and Free Swag!

By Caitie McCarthy

Hotshot Summer Certification

Give summers the training resources they want and make their downtime more productive with the Hotshot Summer Certification.

As we wrote in "Giving Summer Associates the Training Resources They Want," the new generation of lawyers expects to learn at work the way they do in their personal lives - quickly, efficiently, and on their own terms.

They also like free stuff.

That's why, with the help of our customers, we developed the "Hotshot Summer Certification."

We're working with firms to create custom lists of Hotshot courses that the firms want their summer associates to complete before the summer programs end. The summers that complete the courses get a nifty certificate and some swag.

This'll give the summers helpful resources to use for just-in-time learning, and also for self-directed learning when they're between projects.

Hotshot now has over 100 courses to choose from, covering a wide range of legal, business, and tech skills.

We do all the heavy lifting - we'll send you email templates to use to announce the program, track usage, and send out the certificates and swag.

Let us know if you're interested and we'll get it going.

Caitie McCarthy is the Director of Customer Success at Hotshot. She can be reached at