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Hotshot Materials You Can Use to Flip the Classroom

By Ian Nelson

Principal Acquisition Agreements course page

Hotshot videos and exercises are designed with flip-the-classroom training in mind. Here are examples that you can use for the pre-work for training sessions in three different topic areas.

Before you start, read our guide to flipping the classroom for tips on how to use these materials at your firm.

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M&A Practice Area Training

Topic: Principal Acquisition Agreements


The different acquisition agreements used in M&A deals have a lot in common, but there are also important variations between them. This video covers the main provisions that associates will come across in the different agreements.


Provides information about a hypothetical deal, and asks participants in the training session to think about the implications that information will have on the draft of the asset purchase agreement.

Emerging Companies Practice Area Training

Topic: Venture Capital Term Sheets


Discusses the perspective of companies and investors on the main economic and control rights negotiated in a venture financing term sheet. Covers issues such as liquidation preference, anti-dilution provisions, board rights and employment matters.


Requires participants to prepare for a call with the founders of a startup client, who have questions about some of the terms in a term sheet.

Accounting & Finance Training

Topic: Introduction to Financial Statements


Provides an introduction to the four main financial statements, with examples of how the statements are affected by different business transactions..


Asks participants to help a friend who recently started a business understand how certain recent transactions would appear on her company’s financial statements.

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