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Hotshot's Securities Offerings Topic

By Han Pham

Form Checks

Hotshot’s Director of Content talks about the Securities Offerings topic, and why she wishes she had it as a lawyer.

Form checks were the bane of my existence as a first-year capital markets associate. Reg S-K, Reg S-X, 10-Ks, 10-Qs…there were so many concepts I didn’t understand that I needed an accounting dictionary to slog my way through them. The memory of anxiety-ridden, form-checking nights stirred recently, when I was working on the form checks video as part of Hotshot’s Securities Offerings topic. As a junior associate, I would have killed for that video.

The Securities Offerings topic has around 20 other videos, each one a life preserver to an anxious young lawyer. Or to be less dramatic, a practical tool for lawyers either working on or otherwise supporting capital markets deals. It’s digital learning, so legal education has finally caught up with the rest of the world. Need to quickly learn how to change a flat tire? Go to YouTube. Itching to hear that random 80s song? Pull up Spotify. Need to know at 3 am how a closing works in a securities offering? Hotshot is your friend.

The content in Hotshot’s Securities Offerings topic – besides covering form checks and closings – includes courses on deal documents (registration statements, underwriting agreements), practice and process (IPOs, due diligence), types of securities (debt vs. equity, publicly traded securities), and types of offerings (shelf takedowns, follow-ons), to list a few. Like the other Hotshot topics, the short videos are accompanied by interactive quizzes, law school style outlines, and flip-the-classroom exercises for the PD folks organizing trainings. Between the breadth of the courses and the targeted content, it’s like handing an associate a YouTube channel designed just for them.

So check out the new Hotshot Securities Offerings topic, or better yet, share it with the associates. You never know who might be anxiously checking forms tonight.