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Student Profile: Bernie Toledano, 3L, Brooklyn Law

By Ayo Shittu

Bernie Toledano

In our Student Profile series, we chat with students about their journey to law school, law school activities and hacks, and career plans. In this edition of the Student Profile series, we chat with Brooklyn Law School class of 2023 student Bernie Toledano.

What did you do before law school, and what influenced your decision to go to law school?

I worked as the Head of Marketing at a legal technology company before law school. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a lawyer, but personal circumstances got in the way of pursuing that goal. When COVID hit and a number of people I knew died of the virus, I realized that life’s too short to keep pushing off this dream. With my husband’s encouragement, I signed up for the June administration of the LSAT, applied to law school the day that I received my score, and matriculated a few weeks later!

What’s your favorite law school class so far?

I loved International Law and International Litigation. Both classes challenged me to think about the U.S. legal system in the context of the broader world and learn practical knowledge that will help me engage more effectively with global companies.

Got any law school or career hacks?

My law school hack for 1Ls is to really work on your legal writing. Exams aren’t just about knowledge. They’re about communicating your understanding of the material. The skill of writing well will be applicable to all of your classes and will help you kill it on your exams.

Studying tip, which I’m reminding myself of now – put your mobile devices in another room when studying and keep internet browser windows out of sight!

Regarding career, I would say to focus on work during the hours of the day in which you are the most productive and to spend the other hours cultivating your personal life. Multitasking is the best way to ensure that you don’t do any task well.

Which student activities are you involved in?

I’m an Executive Articles Editor of the Brooklyn Law Review and a member of the Vis International Arbitration Moot.

What has been your favorite non-class experience in law school?

I loved my externship for Judge Susan Wigenton in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. This experience helped me improve my writing skills and taught me the ins and outs of litigating in federal court.

How do you use Hotshot?

I’ve used Hotshot to ramp up on practical skills and areas of law that I want to pursue professionally. For example, I watched the US Securities Law for Securities Offerings course when I was staffed on public company work so that I could understand the relevant considerations when advising companies on SEC filings. I’ve also used Hotshot to learn more about practice areas that could be of interest, like venture financing.

You’re a 3L now, do you know what you’ll be doing after graduation?

I have accepted an offer to start at Latham & Watkins in the fall of 2023!

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