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Peer Instruction: Another blended learning technique to try in your training programs

By Ian Nelson

Peer instruction sketch 2

The standard (and boring) lecture approach gives way to new ways of teaching and learning.

More and more of our customers are moving away from lecture-based training to incorporate blended learning techniques into their training programs. Not only are long lectures boring (especially for millennials), but they’re not as engaging and effective as other learning techniques.

We’ve previously written about the use of the “flipped classroom” method of blended learning (including a how-to guide for law firms and a case study), and now we’d like to share this article written by Erin Walczewski of Cooley about a method of blended learning called Peer Instruction.

Peer instruction was created by Professor Eric Mazur at Harvard College and focuses on students processing information by discussing it with peers instead of having a one-way lecture from an expert.

Erin has been having success with this method at Cooley, and she gave a brief demonstration of it at during a session at the 2016 PDI conference.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss this method of learning and how it can apply at your firm or organization.

(Original artwork by Han Pham)