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“How to Be a Lawyer” Webinar with Jason Mendelson and Hotshot

By Sarah Levine

How to Be a Lawyer: The Path from Law School to Success

Hotshot hosts the “How to Be a Lawyer” webinar where Jason Mendelson and his co-authors discuss practical tips and actionable advice about firm, coworker, and client expectations.

At the "How to Be a Lawyer" webinar on November 16, Hotshot hosts Jason Mendelson and co-authors of his book, How to Be a Lawyer: The Path from Law School to Success, for a discussion on how young lawyers can develop the skills needed to meet coworkers’ and clients’ real-world expectations.

As Jason says, “Even in the best-case scenario, partners at law firms claim that it takes two to three years before an associate is truly ready to practice (and in many cases even longer before they’re allowed to speak directly with clients).”

His book and this webinar are for anyone looking to speed up that process and learn what it takes to translate that expensive (and hard-earned) law degree into a successful career. During the webinar, Jason and his co-authors will discuss:

  • The 14 commandments for new lawyers starting out in the world of attorneydom
  • How to translate your expensive legal education into a successful, long, and—yes—even a fulfilling career in any practice area
  • Better understand your clients and partners, their needs, and what they really think of their lawyers
  • Avoid common career pitfalls

To join the webinar, you can register here. And even if you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the video recording after the webinar.