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Announcing Hotshot Law School Ambassadors!

By Ayo Shittu


Hotshot’s law school engagement manager talks about their new Student Ambassador program.

I am thrilled to announce that we recently launched a pilot Student Ambassador program with six law schools: Harvard, Howard, Stanford, University of Virginia, William & Mary, and Yale.

With the new, permanent free layer of access for current law students, expanding our team to include a full-time law school engagement manager (me!) and now, launching an ambassador program, we are excited to be deepening our relationship with law schools and students to support them through classes and clinics, interviews, and into the workforce.

As someone fairly new to the company, I was not sure how easy it would be to find students who would dedicate some of their already busy time to spreading the word about Hotshot. It was exciting to receive such great interest in the program, so many, that we expanded the pilot program from 3 schools to 6. Our student ambassadors already use and love Hotshot and are excited to share Hotshot with their classmates.

What does a Hotshot student ambassador do?

They reach out to students, organizations, faculty, and staff to spread the word about Hotshot’s videos, certificate programs, and other resources. The idea is simple, who better to spread the word than those who already enjoy our content.

We intend to expand the ambassador program to several other law schools in following semesters using the learnings from the pilot program. Through the ambassador program, we hope to increase awareness of Hotshot among law students, assist law schools and students in their goal to graduate practice-ready lawyers, and help faculty to incorporate the most innovative ideas in education such as blended-learning and flipped-classroom techniques.

If interested in learning more about how we support students and schools, please give me a shout at

Photo credit: Mimi Thian on Unsplash