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eBook: Remote Training for Associates

By Ian Nelson


A free eBook with tips, strategies, and resources to help firms develop effective remote training programs.

In an effort to help the PD community and others that are working on remote training programs, we published this eBook: Remote Training for Associates.

The eBook provides:

  • Tips and strategies for implementing effective synchronous and asynchronous remote training programs
  • Step-by-step training guides for facilitators to help them run engaging group training sessions
  • Model curriculums for M&A, litigation, and business acumen programs (we’ll be adding more topics soon)
  • Links to Hotshot courses for self-directed learning that track the curriculums
  • Advice from partners and PD leaders

The eBook focuses on programs for junior associates and summers, but the principles discussed are applicable to associates of all levels.

We’re offering free consultations on the issues covered by the book, and the book is designed to be helpful whether or not a firm is a Hotshot customer. We hope you find it useful.

Thanks and stay safe!